Festival of Architecture 2016 at the EAA

The excitement in the EAA keeps building for the 2016 Festival of Architecture with meetings and preparations continuing to take place. Out with the Chapter meetings EAA President Donald Canavan and EAA Council Member Gloria Lo met with Bright 3D who are providing some design and production advice including some marketing device advice, and costs guidance in respect of the upcoming festival. The use of Eventbrite for our September CPD has also given us a full test run for ticketed events we run next year.

A framework of events has been prepared, and outline costs estimated. Two items are being added. Information still outstanding has been discussed at EAA council and possible methods for getting action from the parties involved were floated. Funding first tranche will be released by Scottish Government shortly.

More helpers are needed so if being involved in this national festival is of interest, please email mail@eaa.org.uk or come along to an EAA Council meeting at GLM at 6pm on the second Tuesday of any month.

More information about the Festival of Architecture can be found on the RIAS Website

Last modified at 4:49pm on Wed 13th January 2016